Duct Cleaning Services in Naples, Ft. Myers and All Surrounding Areas

In a typical home in Naples, Florida, up to 40 pounds of dust is generated through everyday living each year. Whenever your central air HVAC cycles on, a portion of these tiny particulates gets pulled into the ductwork. Contaminants like dust get blown back into your home, posing health hazards for you and your family. Our duct cleaning services can help everyone in your household breathe cleaner, healthier air.

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What’s in the Ductwork?

Indoor pollutants range from allergens like pollen and animal dander to chemicals emitted from building materials and cleaning products. In hot and humid weather, your AC system can recirculate these contaminants through your home five to seven times per day. Leaky ductwork worsens the problem by drawing in outdoor pollutants. Our ductwork inspections can spot any leaks, gaps or loose connections and determine if you’ll benefit from our professional services.

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Not every HVAC company in Greater Naples is qualified to clean ductwork. Shoddy work can cause damage to the air ducts and leave you with a dirty mess to clean up. At our family-owned company, we strongly believe in providing quality service to our customers and neighbors. Our experienced service technicians follow the industry’s best practices to ensure you enjoy top-notch results.

  • Before cleaning, we inspect the entire system to identify problematic areas.
  • We protect your floors and household furnishings throughout the cleaning process.
  • We use vacuum equipment engineered to exhaust pollutants safely from your home.
  • Our specialized brushes dislodge contaminants without damaging the air ducts.
  • We clean everything from the air ducts to the vents, grilles and registers.
  • After cleaning, we test the system to ensure that everything operates properly.

Financial Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning

A clean ductwork system can improve the air quality in your home and create a healthier indoor environment. It can also save you money. Forced-air comfort systems run more efficiently when all the components are free of dust and debris. That translates as lower energy bills and a longer service life for your central air system. Duct cleaning also protects the equipment from damaging dirt and corrosion, so you spend less on upkeep.

For the professional duct cleaning Naples residents count on for stellar results, give us a call. We’re proud to provide the duct cleaning services you need to enjoy a clean, healthy and comfortable home.

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