4 Best Types of Air Purifiers for Your Home in Naples, FL

Air purifiers are diverse in size, color, and shape. They apply a range of diverse technologies in order to purify the air inside your Naples, FL, home. Here is a look at four of the common types of air purifiers for your home and how they work.

HEPA Technology Air Purifiers

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is a technology that has been used over the decades to filter particles in the air. The filter is made from a fiber-like material that has been shown to filter more than 99.97% of all particles in the air.

Although the HEPA air filters are useful in purifying the air, they do not get rid of odors and other gases, as the size of the mesh is the main mechanism for filtration. As a homeowner, it’s best to invest in this air purifier when your house is free of odors and other chemicals.

Activated Carbon Technology Air Purifiers

Activated carbon is processed carbon that has been made porous to increase the absorption surface area. Molecule-sized pores are chemically bonded to particles in the air, regardless of size.

The purifier can clean dust particles, pollutants and odors. You should consider purchasing this air purifier when dust, pet dander, odor and organic chemicals are the main irritants in your home.

UV Technology Air Purifiers

Since UV technology can’t get rid of airborne particles, it’s typically used together with particulate filters. The UV rays radiated from the lamp are suitable for killing bacteria and viruses while purifying the air. This air purifier is most effective if you want to get rid of microorganisms in your home like airborne germs or spores.

Negative Ion Purifiers

Negative ion air purifiers inject chemicals in the air, mostly oxygen atoms with an electron that attracts airborne particles magnetically. This technology isn’t considered a way to clean the air as much as hide a smell, since scents in the air are masked, not cleaned. If you live near something that has a strong odor, but your air is otherwise clean, this may be a good option.

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