5 Common Indoor Air Pollutants You Should Know About

It’s important to note that compromised air quality can lead to various health conditions such as allergies and asthma. So it makes sense to know about the indoor air pollutants in your home in Naples, FL. Understanding and managing indoor air pollutants can reduce health related concerns.

Combustion Pollutants

These pollutants are gases that usually come from fuel-burning materials. The primary source of combustion particles is improperly vented home appliances such as gas stoves, fireplaces and space heaters. However, the amount of pollutants they emit depends on the type of fuel and device that you use.

Biological Growth

Your home’s humidity should range from 40% to 50%. Anything higher can result in microbial growth, which may cause health complications for people who are sensitive to biological microorganisms. You can contact a professional air conditioner service provider to help check and clean the air ducts.

Candles, Air Fresheners and Incense

While these products produce a soothing fragrance, they’re volatile organic compounds. They can negatively impact your health and your home’s indoor air quality. Scented incense and candles release particles and soot in the air you breathe, increasing the risk of allergic reactions. Some air fresheners have phthalates, which are associated with reproductive issues and certain types of cancer.

Tobacco Products

Many studies indicate that tobacco smoke is a significant contributor to indoor air pollution. Tobacco products produce harmful products that can cause health complications or even death. Experts recommend that these products be used outdoors to help keep the indoor air clean.

Household Cleaning Products

Home cleaners are volatile organic compounds that can cause headaches, damage the liver or irritate the throat and eyes. Manufacturers seldom disclose fragrances in their products. These fragrances may contain compounds that could cause respiratory problems and other health issues.

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