Commercial HVAC Issues That Disturb Your Staff in Bonita Springs, FL

HVAC problems in your commercial building not only disrupt indoor comfort for your customers and staff but also expose your building to property damage. Here are the most common HVAC issues for a commercial property in Bonita Springs, FL, so that you know what to watch out for.

Odd Sounds

Typically, commercial HVAC units exhibit quiet and smooth running. Strange noises coming from the HVAC require you to contact a professional.

Some unusual HVAC sounds include hissing, rattling and loud humming. A booming noise from the furnace could be due to delayed ignition or dirty burners. Additionally, a squealing sound from the furnace signifies an underlying fault within the blower motor or blower belt.

Fluctuating Airflow

Airflow inconsistencies are quite common in most commercial buildings. During the cold winter, one office might be freezing while another room is comfortably warm.

Inconsistent airflow occurs mainly due to small leaks within the ductwork. Imbalanced dampers also contribute to temperature fluctuations within different rooms. Professional inspection and maintenance visits are vital for correcting airflow inconsistencies.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC system is crucial to ensure healthy indoor air for your staff and clients. Frequent respiratory illnesses and allergic infections could indicate a problem within the HVAC air filters.

Clogged air filters, to a huge extent, minimize the quality of the indoor air. Dirty condenser coils also restrain airflow. HVAC experts advise that you replace your air filters every month during winter.

System Capacity

Most property owners get it wrong when determining the appropriate HVAC size for their building. An HVAC unit that’s too large operates less efficiently, resulting in high heating bills. A small HVAC unit, on the other hand, has to strain hard to warm your commercial space.

The proper HVAC size ensures effective heating, enhancing your indoor comfort. An HVAC expert will come in handy to determine the best system capacity for your commercial space.

Routine maintenance helps to identify and repair commercial HVAC issues before massive damage occurs. Contact JP Brett And Sons Air Conditioning for exceptional commercial HVAC installation and repair.

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