3 Ductless Noises That Require Attention in Estero, FL

Ductless mini-splits are exceptionally quiet, even by the standards of modern HVAC systems. Any loud noises that they may emit should prompt immediate concern. Here are three strange ductless HVAC noises that require your attention:


If it’s been a while since you’ve needed to use your mini-split, hearing these noises is actually quite normal. When heat pumps begin a new cycle, they will start clicking lightly, but the noise should be a light one. If your system has been off for long enough to allow ice to form on it, it will need to first enter defrost mode after you start it up, which will cause a prominent whooshing sound.Remember that these noises should only exist temporarily. If they become permanent fixtures of your mini split’s operation, something is probably wrong.


Hissing is one of the most common signs of a refrigerant leak. This noise emerges because refrigerant can leak out into your system through a hole in one of your system’s refrigerant lines. You may also hear a gurgling sound as air bubbles displace the refrigerant that your system has lost.

Never attempt to replace refrigerant on your own. Refrigerant is highly toxic and can pose a massive risk to your well-being. Instead, schedule maintenance services and allow a trained HVAC service technician to do the job for you.


Many things may cause this noise, but quite often, it occurs because small parts have come loose somewhere in your mini split. Bits of debris trapped inside the system may also rattle around. Maintenance services are the go-to way of pinpointing the source of this issue and handling it.

Your ears are one of your first lines of defense against potential catastrophes striking your mini-split. For the next line of defense, call JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating to take advantage of the finest ductless AC services around Estero, FL.

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