Is My Heat Pump in Marco Island, FL, Low on Refrigerant?

A heat pump with low refrigerant levels can’t operate efficiently. To resolve this problem, you must first be able to spot the signs of the problem. Let’s discuss some signs that show your heat pump in Marco Island, FL, has insufficient refrigerant.

Your Heat Pump Runs Continuously

An efficient single-stage heat pump should work in cycles to satisfy your cooling or heating loads. On the other hand, a heat pump with low refrigerant levels never takes breaks because it needs more time to move all the heat in your house to the outdoor environment.

However, other issues such as extreme temperatures, a clogged air filter, a dirty outdoor unit and ductwork leaks can make your system run continuously. Therefore, ask a service technician to inspect your system to determine what’s making it run continuously.

Your Energy Bill Keeps Increasing

Low refrigerant levels result in your heat pump short cycling or running constantly. Short cycling and running incessantly make your system consume excessive energy. These issues also make your system’s components wear out quickly, thus increasing repair costs.

There Are Unusual Smells in Your Home

Your heat pump should clean the indoor air and freshen the air, not introduce unpleasant odors. When your heat pump refrigerant leaks, you may detect a chemical-like odor in your home.

There Are Weird Sounds in Your House

Those irritating sounds in your home could be coming from your heat pump. A heat pump with refrigerant leaks may produce bubbling and whistling noises.

A bubbling noise occurs when air bubbles enter the refrigerant lines through their perforations. When you hear a hissing noise, the noise suggests that the high-pressure refrigerant is escaping through tiny holes in the refrigerant lines.

If you notice all the discussed signs, don’t think about DIY repairs because you may harm yourself or your family while attempting to fix the problem. Instead, call the air conditioning experts at JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating to have our service technicians repair your heat pump. We’ll work hard to restore your family’s comfort quickly.

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