HVAC Maintenance in Naples, Ft. Myers and All Surrounding Areas

It’s critical that you invest in routine HVAC maintenance for your system. At JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning, we offer affordable plans that make it easy for you to care for your unit.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Frequent use of any system increases the likelihood of potential problems. To avoid major system failures, we’ll typically perform regular AC maintenance checks at least twice a year. This has been proven to be extremely effective, as our skilled contractors are able to detect minor issues and repair them before they escalate.

Although our maintenance procedures minimize major system defects, we have experience with AC repair jobs both large and small. We’re able to assess the source of any system issue and the best solution for you.

Why Sign Up for a Maintenance Agreement?

Properly maintained equipment functions more efficiently, lasts longer, and saves you money! To save on utility bills and service calls, we urge you to take a preventive approach to heating and cooling. All of your heating and cooling systems should be included in a regular inspection and maintenance program.

What’s Included?

For a single system home, we offer a Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA).

We perform the following maintenance tasks at the air handler (indoor):

  • Deodorize evaporator coil
  • Check evaporator fan amps
  • Check blower wheel
  • Check blower relay
  • Check drain pan
  • Check drain line
  • Apply algaecide treatment
  • Check heating cycle
  • Check temperature differential
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Check voltage
  • Check duct work
  • Check static pressure
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Replace or clean filter(s)

We perform the following maintenance tasks at the condenser (outdoor):

    • Check condenser fan amps
    • Check fan blade
    • Check compressor amps
    • Check contactor
    • Check time delay relay
    • Check high pressure control
    • Check low pressure control
    • Check electrical components
    • Check voltage
    • Check total amp draw
    • Check Freon pressure
    • Check overall condition of equipment

Filter Service

Many homeowners struggle to install the right type of filter for their specific system or fail to clean and replace them on a recommended schedule. Improper or unclean filters create additional strain on your HVAC system and cause your indoor air quality to dramatically decline. We inspect to ensure you’re using the correct filter, replace the filter if necessary, and provide the information you need to replace your filter on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

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