3 Common Causes of Poor Airflow in Marco Island, FL

Arriving home to perfect airflow is a wonderful thing. However, this might not be the case if you experience varying temperatures in different rooms of your house in Marco Island, FL. Here are three causes of poor airflow to investigate.

1. Faulty Ducts

For air to efficiently find its way into your home, your AC unit’s ductwork must be in good condition. Research by Energy Star shows that 20%–30% of conditioned air doesn’t reach its destination in many homes due to leaky, blocked or poorly installed ducts. It might not be easy to notice worn-out or dirty ducts on your own because most ductwork is behind your home’s walls.

2. Dusty Filters

How often do you clean your AC’s filter? Filters are important because they protect your air conditioner from excessive dust and debris buildup. Dust is an insulator, and too much of it in an HVAC system affects the cooling process, causing overheating.

Additionally, dust accumulation along your AC’s wiring blocks power from reaching other electrical components. If you don’t change your AC filter often, the dust buildup can lead to short circuits that can even cause fires.

3. Thermostat Issues

A poorly positioned, dirty or old thermostat can cause poor airflow in your home. Not cleaning your thermostat regularly and placing it in direct sunlight might alter its temperature readings. A thermostat that’s heated by the sun may make your AC run abnormally.

Have you replaced your old thermostat with a modern version? The latest thermostats are more efficient, more durable and easier to program.

Regular inspection and HVAC maintenance will enhance its efficiency and improve your home’s airflow. Our technicians can help you test your air conditioner’s functionality and fix other related problems. Contact JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning today for the best in HVAC repair and maintenance services.

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