3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY HVAC Repairs

If you’re thinking about performing repairs on your Naples, Florida, HVAC system, you should understand the risks. While you can change filters and set thermostats, do-it-yourself repairs can reduce system efficiency, void warranties, and endanger others. Read on to learn more about why you shouldn’t perform DIY HVAC repairs.

Safety Concerns

HVAC systems deal with high-voltage applications which can be dangerous. Wiring a component incorrectly, or worse, becoming subject to a potentially lethal shock are all serious safety concerns. Placing higher than normal load requirements on fans and other electrical components can cause overheating and potential fire hazards. Dangerous elements, such as coolants, combustible fuels, and toxic materials require great caution.

Voiding Equipment Warranties and Legal Concerns

HVAC equipment has specific handling and maintenance requirements set forth by the manufacturers. Any attempted repairs by untrained or unlicensed people can void guarantees and warranties. Tampering with refrigerants has a serious legal risk as the substance is heavily regulated.

Reduced Performance

It requires precise adjustments to get the most out of an HVAC system and safely optimize its performance. Improper repairs or modifications can make your HVAC work much harder than normal. Placement of ductwork, fans, and vents requires precise airflow calculations based on square footage and room layout. Changing or altering these components can cause imbalances in airflow, which can make your system work harder for the area. This can waste energy and reduce comfort.

Using the wrong tool can damage HVAC components. HVAC technicians use professional-grade tools and equipment to install, balance, and troubleshoot the systems they work on. These technicians can accurately recognize the problems and issues they encounter and the means to address them.

Your safety and comfort are our business, and you don’t have to take unnecessary risks with your HVAC repairs. At JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning & Heating, we can safely and affordably address any issue you may have. Call us at 239-300-9186.

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