3 Ways to Reduce Air Conditioning Repairs This Summer

In the middle of the summer heat wave, the last thing you want to deal with is frequent air conditioning repairs. Here are three steps you can take to lower the odds that you’ll need to have your air conditioner repaired or replaced.

Clean or Change Your Air Filter

Dirty air filters are maintenance problems waiting to happen. You need to clean or replace your air filter right at the beginning of the cooling season and every one to three months thereafter, depending on the type of filter. If you have a reusable filter, the best practice is to wash it with water and let it air dry completely. Wiping it dry can damage the filter.

If you have disposable filters, go to a factory authorized dealer for replacements that fit your system rather than getting “one-size-fits-all” filters at a hardware store. Remember, never run your air conditioner without the filter.

Do Regular Maintenance Checks

Good maintenance starts with you. At the start of the cooling season and on occasion during the season, take a close look at your air conditioner. Check the wires for rust or corrosion. Look for condensation or leaks and make sure there is plenty of room for good airflow around the unit. If you see or hear something wrong, contact an air conditioning service professional right away.

Have Your System Professionally Maintained

Good home maintenance is a good start, but it’s just a start. To really protect against AC repairs, you need to have your air conditioner professionally maintained. Our service technicians will carefully inspect your system and repair any emerging issues before they get worse. We’ll also make calibration adjustments to maximize your system’s energy efficiency, saving you money on your utility bills all summer long.

If you’re serious about preventing repairs this summer, you’ve come to the right place. To learn more about our solutions to air conditioning repairs, call JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning at (239) 300-9186.

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