4 Common Signs that Your Commercial HVAC Needs Service

Living in Marco Island, Florida, can feel like paradise. It can also feel like a heat trap when your commercial HVAC system isn’t performing. When the temperature is high outside, and you are still sweating inside at work, there could be something going on with your air conditioner. Here are four common signs your commercial HVAC needs maintenance.

The Temperature Isn’t Consistent

Your employees may start to complain that it is too hot or too cold or the air feels lukewarm. Your customers may complain that they are uncomfortable. Check to make sure the numbers on your thermostat are reading correctly. If they seem off, you might need to call for maintenance and upgrade your thermostat to a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will help maintain better temperatures and can also monitor the air quality inside the office.

Noises are Coming From Your Vents

If your employees or clients start to hear strange noises coming from your vents, it could be your commercial HVAC. While some older units might make noise when they first kick on, it’s better to be safe and get your commercial HVAC checked out.

You Smell Strange Odors

If you smell something strange, it could be a leak in the pipes, coils, or faulty electrical wiring. Whatever the case may be, you should have your system checked out immediately. Call an HVAC specialist right away to get your unit inspected.

Your Utility Bills Seem Suddenly Higher than Normal

If your utility bill is higher than usual, your commercial HVAC system might be using extra energy than usual. It could be dirty vents, or an air filter needs to be changed. There could be something happening with your pipes or furnace. Either way, it may be time to have your unit inspected.

To keep your business running, you should have regular maintenance done on your commercial HVAC system to avoid costly repairs in the future. Call JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning at 239-300-9186 for commercial HVAC service.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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