AC Maintenance Tasks Vital to Energy-Efficient Performance

When you live in Naples, FL, you depend on your air conditioner to deliver cold air efficiently for most months of the year. Taking care of your AC system is critical to minimizing cooling costs and repair bills over its lifespan. Here are four AC maintenance tasks that are vital to energy-efficient performance during the spring and summer:

Start With a Fresh Filter

Your air conditioner’s filter must remain clean to function effectively. A clean filter prevents particles from collecting in your AC system and recirculating your living spaces. Ideally, you should check your air conditioner’s filter every month. If it appears like it’s clogging with dust, dirt and debris, replace it with a fresh filter.

Check the Supply Vents

The supply vents around your house shouldn’t have any obstructions. If they do, it’ll strain your air conditioner, leading to higher cooling costs and an increased risk of breakdowns. Remove obstructions around your supply vents. Also, take a moment to clear any debris from around your air conditioner’s outdoor unit to encourage smooth operation.

Schedule AC Maintenance

There’s no better way to ensure your air conditioner operates efficiently than to have a professional inspect and clean it annually. We perform a long list of AC maintenance tasks to keep your system in pristine condition. If we find any issues while checking your air conditioner, we’ll repair them on the spot or recommend a replacement.

It’s never too early to schedule AC maintenance when you live in Naples, FL. Contact JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning to book an appointment. We’ll ensure you enjoy cool and comfortable air without overpaying for it.

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