The Best Spots for a Smart Thermostat Installation in Estero, FL

A smart thermostat can make it easier to manage the temperature inside your Estero, FL, home. It’ll work best if you put it where it can function optimally. Here are five good spots to consider when installing your next smart thermostat:

Away From Vents and Registers

Opt for spots that aren’t directly below or above supply registers or vents, as the air conditioning output might fool the thermostat into making a false reading. However, installing a smart thermostat close to a return intake is all right and might even improve your thermostat’s accuracy when reading your home’s temperature.

Interior Walls

Interior walls in commonly used rooms provide accurate readings. A primary hallway or a living room can be a great choice, but avoid any wall that has ducts or pipes running through it.

Indirect Light

Doors and windows are not friends to a thermostat because direct sunlight might make the device “think” it’s warmer or colder than the actual temperature. It won’t break, but it’ll read temperatures in your home wrong. Also, avoid kitchen ranges, ovens and other potential sources of heat.

Proper Height

Heat rises, so it can influence your thermostat readings based on how high up the wall you mount the device. A height of 52–60 inches should be a good range.

Central Location

Check your floor plan to find a point that is central to the overall layout of your home. This should help you avoid any overly warm or cool corners of the house that might throw the thermostat off.

If you want to make the most of your smart thermostat, you need to install it in an optimal location. Contact us at JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning to learn about our wireless thermostat services. We’ll ensure you’re controlling your home comfort with the latest HVAC technology.

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