Beware of These Common Heating Problems During a Florida Winter

The winters may be short, but there are still a few months when you’ll need to have the heat on in your Immokalee, Florida, home. Whether your heat source is also part of your air conditioning system, or has been dormant for the summer months, it’s time to give it some TLC so you don’t suffer from the following heating problems this winter.

Registers Not Heating

If everything is on but the registers are blowing cool or cold air there might be a problem with the thermostat. If it’s registering the wrong temperature it might signal the heat source to blow cool instead of warm air. The thermostat will need to be examined by a qualified professional. If the air coming from the registers is warm but insufficient it could be another problem such as leaky ducts losing heat.

Clogged Filters

The filters on your HVAC system need changing so they don’t clog up and restrict the airflow in your unit. A system that isn’t getting enough air has to work harder to perform the same level of heating as a correctly working system. This means higher bills as it uses more energy than normal, and more repairs as the overworked system breaks down. Check your filters monthly and change them as needed.

Unusual Noises

There are noises associated with a heat system, from humming fans to furnace motors, and more. But if your system starts making sounds you don’t usually hear it’s time to have a professional assess the situation so you don’t have a breakdown during a cold spell. Loose parts can creak or clang and will need to be replaced so they don’t tear up your units.

If it’s been a while since your heating system was serviced, or you notice any of the problems above, give us a call at 239-300-9186 and our heating experts at JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning will help you out.

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