4 Factors That Impact AC Efficiency in Ave Maria, FL

Several factors can affect your air conditioner’s efficiency, like the system’s age and your routine maintenance schedule. Taking better care of your AC system can boost your comfort and lengthen its lifespan. These four critical factors play a huge role in your AC system’s overall operational efficiency in Ave Maria, FL:

SEER Rating

Air conditioners have seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings that determine their optimal energy efficiency. The minimum SEER rating currently required in Florida depends on the size of the air conditioner.

Investing in an AC system with a higher rating often means better energy efficiency and lower energy costs over the years. But you don’t want a rating that’s too high, either, so consult an expert to determine the right SEER rating for your home.

Compromised Ductwork

Your air conditioner transports cool air into your home through your ductwork. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for these ducts to develop leaks or holes as they age. They may also struggle with accumulated dirt or debris that restricts airflow.

Thermostat Preferences

Your normal thermostat settings will also determine your AC system’s efficiency. If there’s a large difference between your indoor settings and the temperature outside, your system will have to work harder to meet your comfort needs.

During the hot summer months, avoid setting your thermostat below 76 degrees. Also, never try to cool your home fast by turning the temperature down very low.

AC Maintenance Schedule

Professional AC maintenance is a must to keep your system as efficient and safe as possible. A professional tuneup limits internal wear and tear and protects the system’s SEER rating. This service will also minimize potential damages and air conditioning repairs.

Keeping your AC system healthy can save you money and preserve your household’s indoor comfort. An efficient air conditioner also uses less energy every month and lowers your carbon footprint. Schedule superior AC installation, repair or replacement services with our experienced service technicians at JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating.

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