Is My Heat Pump in Estero, FL, the Wrong Size?

Heat pump manufacturers design systems with different capacities to satisfy different temperature needs. If you buy a heat pump that doesn’t accurately match your home’s heating and cooling loads, the system cannot keep your family comfortable. If you notice any of these signs in your Estero, FL home, you’re probably dealing with a heat pump that’s the wrong size:

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you have an oversized heat pump, it turns on, heats your indoor air quickly and shuts down. Since the system doesn’t take the time to distribute the heated air evenly in all rooms, some will feel warm while others will remain cold.

On the other hand, if you have an undersized heat pump, the system doesn’t have sufficient capacity to supply all the rooms in your home with warm air. Therefore, the rooms closest to the heat pump will be warm, while those furthest from the system will be cold.

High Energy Bills

If you own an undersized heat pump, it runs constantly because it cannot achieve the temperatures you set on the thermostat. The longer your system works, the more energy it consumes.

On the other hand, an oversized system turns on and off multiple times rather than completing cycles. Usually, a heat pump’s compressor consumes more energy when starting up. Therefore, if the component starts multiple times, it inflates your energy bill.

Frequent Breakdowns

With regular maintenance, a correctly sized heat pump runs smoothly without breaking down often and leaving your family in the cold in the winter. Therefore, if you need to call your service technician often to repair your system, you may have an incorrectly sized heat pump. Short cycling and running constantly make the system’s components overstrain, thus breaking down often.

Replace your incorrectly sized heat pump to enjoy the comfort and energy efficiency your family desires. Contact JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating for professional heating services whenever you need to install a new heat pump.

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