How to Use Your AC System Efficiently This Spring and Summer

You may not have to pay much toward your energy bills now. But the weather will continue to warm up as it transitions from spring to summer. Learning how to optimize your air conditioning usage can keep your bills manageable on the hottest days. Keep these efficiency tips in mind when operating your AC system to cool your home this spring and summer in Ave Maria, FL:

Regularly Check Air Filters

Checking and replacing your air filters improves your AC system’s efficiency and decreases your monthly energy bills. Your ideal replacement schedule depends on the size of your household, indoor air quality and filter type. Considering you probably use your AC system more often during the peak summer season, you’ll likely have to switch out your filters more often.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Maintain high AC efficiency by keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature. Large spikes can make your air conditioner run for hours, increasing your costs and putting unhealthy amounts of strain on the system.

Utilize Smart Thermostat Settings

Many smart programmable thermostats available on the market today come with advanced capabilities that can learn your household’s schedule. These devices are much more efficient and effective than older, limited options. They can even work with your other indoor comfort systems like your air purifier or dehumidifier.

Monitor Indoor Humidity Levels

Humidity has a huge impact on your indoor temperature control and comfort. Too much humidity can make the air in your home feel muggy, sticky or thick. Keeping your humidity level in a safe range will make it easier for your air conditioner to efficiently cool your home. Aim for between 30% and 50% indoor humidity.

Optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency this spring and summer with these easy tips to keep your costs down and boost your comfort. Call JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning to schedule an exceptional AC maintenance appointment in Ave Maria, FL, today.

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