HVAC Maintenance for Pet Owners in Marco Island, FL

HVAC maintenance is far too important to neglect under any circumstances. However, if you have pets in your Marco Island, FL, home, this will present a whole new set of challenges. Here are a few important HVAC maintenance tips for pet owners:

Clean Everything Thoroughly and Often

Pets can harm your HVAC system because they can shed hair and dander, which might get caught inside the filters, ducts, coils or other critical components. Anything your pets bring into the home after playing outside, like pollen, dust or bacteria, can also get in there. If enough of these things accumulate, they can seriously inhibit your HVAC system’s daily work.

Since this is the primary threat, the best way to combat it is to clean everything. Of course, you should bathe and brush your pets regularly and thoroughly. In addition, remember to wipe all hard surfaces with a damp cloth and clean your carpets and furniture upholstery.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance Regularly

No matter how many precautions you take, at least some pollutants will get into your HVAC system after a while. A portion of these will come from your pets. To keep your system from declining, you must remember to schedule professional HVAC maintenance at least once per year.

Don’t Let Your Pets Near Your System

Since pets can shed hair and dander while scattering other airborne pollutants, you should try to keep them away from your HVAC system. The farther you’re able to keep your pets away, the less damage they’ll be able to wreak.

Pets may make HVAC maintenance slightly more difficult. However, all Marco Island, FL, homeowners can take care of their systems if they’re responsible. That means you should call JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule our residential HVAC services right away.

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