4 Reasons You Need to Control Home Humidity Levels in Bonita Springs, FL

Today’s smart home applications can help you monitor, automate and control various household functions like lighting, doors, thermostats, security alarms and surveillance cameras. Humidity is another function that needs close monitoring to minimize health issues related to excessive moisture in the home. Here are four reasons to control your indoor humidity levels in Bonita Springs, FL:

Avoid Breathing Complications

The ideal indoor humidity level for most people is 30% to 50%. High humidity levels make it tough to breathe normally, especially if you have an underlying condition like asthma.

On the other hand, low humidity can irritate your nasal passages, leading to illnesses such as flu or common colds. That’s why you need to keep the humidity level of your house in Bonita Springs, FL, at a moderate level.

Minimize Electrostatic Shocks

Adequate humidity can lessen static electricity that can lead to electrostatic shock. Water conducts electricity, so humidity in the air lets static electricity leave objects in your home.

Enjoy Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Too little humidity can lead to dry, itchy and damaged skin. Your skin is likely to crack due to dehydration caused by low humidity levels. Regulating the humidity levels of your house will enhance the indoor air quality for sufficient hydration.

Prevent Damage to Wooden Furniture

Your hardwood floors and wooden furniture can be easily damaged due to high humidity levels. Wood is prone to absorbing moisture since it’s a porous material that expands. When the humidity level is extremely low, your floor can easily shrink.

High humidity also accelerates wood decomposition, making your furniture wear out prematurely. Regulating the humidity levels can help you keep your wooden furniture and flooring in mint condition.

We provide high-quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers in Bonita Springs, FL. Contact our team at JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning for maintenance services, home automation devices, AC repair and HVAC system installations.

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