3 Reasons You Should Replace Your HVAC System

Have you been trying to hold your aging HVAC system together with frequent repairs? Is the cost of those starting to climb so high that a replacement sounds like a better idea? Here are three reasons you should replace your HVAC system in Naples, FL, rather than continue having it repaired:

Improve Reliability

Wear and tear is simply inevitable when you have to use your HVAC system to stay comfortable. Unfortunately, that means breakdowns and repairs are nearly inevitable as well. That’s especially true with aging systems that are reaching the end of their service life. Upgrading to a new HVAC system gives you peace of mind and can help you save on repair costs. Of course, it’s also nice to know that you’ll always have heating and cooling when you need it.

Supercharge Your Efficiency

Modern HVAC systems are designed for far greater efficiency than units built in the past. In fact, upgrading a system that’s more than a decade old can improve efficiency by 20 percent or more. For maximum savings, be sure to look for systems bearing the Energy Star certification.

Enjoy Greater Comfort

An aging heating and cooling system is often an ineffective one. Your system may struggle to reach the desired temperature, produce less air or take longer to do its job. The end result is a less comfortable home. New HVAC installations provide consistently excellent performance, keeping you comfortable no matter the weather. Many new systems also come equipped with variable-speed motors, two-stage compressors and other technologies to further improve your experience.

Installing a new HVAC system is a big investment, but it’s often a wise one. Upgrading is especially recommended if your unit is more than 10 years old or if you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns. If repairing your system would cost a significant percentage of a new unit, it’s smarter to go for the upgrade. To schedule an HVAC replacement, contact JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning today.

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