5 Signs of a Bad Heat Pump Compressor in Marco Island, FL

A bad heat pump compressor can be detrimental to your home’s comfort. The system will no longer be able to efficiently and effectively regulate temperature. Without a properly functioning compressor, you risk not only energy waste but also property damage. The following are the top signs of a bad heat pump compressor in Marco Island, FL:

Strange Noises

The strange noises are typically caused by a buildup of dirt and debris or damaged internal components as a result of wear and tear. This can cause excessive vibration, grinding, rattling or buzzing sounds coming from the unit’s compressor. If you notice any strange noises coming from your heat pump’s compressor, it’s best to contact an HVAC service technician immediately for further inspection and repair.

Increased Utility Bills

An inefficient heat pump compressor can cause your monthly energy bills to spike. A small, gradual increase may not be noticeable, but when it gets large enough that you see a pattern of cost increases, this could be indicative of the compressor’s efficiency decreasing.

Unstable Temperatures

A bad compressor lacks the ability to maintain consistent temperatures. If you notice that the temperature in your home fluctuates or falls below what you’ve set it to on the thermostat, this could be a sign of a bad heat pump compressor.

Decreased Airflow

Heat pumps move air through ducts to regulate temperatures. If the airflow is weak or nonexistent, this could be a sign of a bad compressor not pushing enough refrigerant through the system.

Leaking Refrigerant

The presence of leakage from the compressor can be indicative of an internal problem with the unit’s seals and valves. A professional HVAC service technician should inspect your heat pump and repair any leaks to prevent further damage.

The signs of a bad heat pump compressor can be subtle, so paying close attention to your unit for any signs of trouble is important. If you notice signs indicating that your heat pump compressor is bad, contact JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning as soon as possible for proper maintenance and repair.

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