Top 4 HVAC Problems Caused by a Dirty Air Filter in Immokalee, FL

It’s easy to forget about your HVAC system’s air filter since you don’t see it often. However, neglecting a dirty air filter has a significant impact on how your HVAC system performs. Consider these four HVAC problems caused by a dirty air filter in your Immokalee, FL, home:

Excessive Energy Bills

A dirty air filter restricts the air flowing through your HVAC system, reducing the amount of air coming out. Less air circulating causes longer heating and cooling cycles to try to achieve your desired temperature. Longer cycles consume more energy, driving up your utility bills.

Uncomfortable Household

Your HVAC system depends on the air coming from your vents to create air movement around your home. This circulation helps distribute the heated or cooled air more evenly. A dirty air filter inhibits this circulation and reduces the amount of conditioned air coming into your home.

More HVAC System Repairs

Airflow restrictions in your HVAC system also strain its components as they work to achieve your set temperature. Added strain causes components to wear out more quickly, including the circulating fan motor and AC compressor. Neglecting your air filter causes more heating and AC repairs.

Shorter System Life

Your AC compressor will work harder to create the right pressure, making it burn out more quickly. In a furnace, restricted airflow causes excess heat, damaging the heat exchanger. In both cases, these repairs often mean replacing your entire heating or cooling system simply because of a neglected filter.

Change Your Filter This Often

Consult your HVAC system’s owner’s manual for the recommended replacement schedule. Keep in mind that your air quality may necessitate changing your filter more frequently. Plan to check it monthly to ensure you don’t forget to change it when it starts clogging.

Don’t let your HVAC system fall victim to reduced efficiency due to lack of proper maintenance. Call to schedule your heating or AC maintenance visit with our experts at JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning today.

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