4 Ways to Use Your Heat Pump More Efficiently

Purchasing a heating system is a great investment that’s essential to maintaining a comfortable home environment. Thus, it would be best to make the most out of your system by using it efficiently. Below are tips to efficiently use your heat pump in Naples, FL.

Replace the Air Filters

Heat pumps run efficiently when the filters are clean. Gradually, dust and debris build up on the surface, leading to clogging.

The buildup pressurizes the system to work harder, intensifying the process of wear and tear and eventually leading to inefficiency. Check the condition of the filters every month, and change them when necessary.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Clean the outside component regularly since it’s prone to destruction by weather elements and the surrounding in your yard. Consider removing all the weeds and garbage around the system to prevent obstruction that minimizes airflow.

It would be best to clean the component during warmer days so that it dries properly. Cleaning enhances good airflow, which promotes efficiency. Never attempt to clean the inside of the unit; leave this technical task to a trained HVAC professional.

Schedule Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

Routine tuneups are essential in ensuring maximum HVAC performance. The system collects a lot of dirt during summer and needs servicing in fall in preparation for winter. Skilled service technicians should conduct maintenance because they easily identify issues and fix them to avoid costly repairs.

Furthermore, service technicians notice minor problems and correct them in advance. As a result, these concerns don’t develop into more complex issues that may lead to premature unit replacement.

Avoid Auto Mode

Always set your system to “heat” during chilly days and to “cool” during hot days. Auto mode automatically switches between heating and cooling, depending on the indoor temperatures. It may not be accurate and may result in undesirable temperature changes.

For instance, it may accidentally air condition on a mid-winter sunny day or heat on a cool summer night. Just set your heat pump to heat during winter and cool in summer.

Are you looking for an honest and dependable HVAC company? Contact JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning for heat pump repair and maintenance services in Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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