4 Worrisome AC System Noises in Marco Island, FL

It’s necessary to have a working air conditioner to comfortably deal with hot summer temperatures in Florida. When the AC system suddenly starts making strange noises, it can be unsettling not knowing what’s happening. Here are a few of the most common AC noises and what they could mean at your home in Marco Island, FL:


Buzzing coming from your AC system could mean there’s an issue with a part like the condenser fan, the electrical wiring is loose or there’s debris somewhere it shouldn’t be inside. It’s also possible that your AC system froze, especially if it’s been running for a while. An HVAC service technician can diagnose the issue quickly and let you know about possible solutions.


Chances are a component got loose if you hear banging coming from your AC system. For example, a fan blade, rod or screws may have become loose or unbalanced. Scheduling professional maintenance is the best way to correct the problem before the issue worsens and the repair becomes more extensive.


You’ll typically hear a faint clicking when your air conditioner starts and ends a cycle, but constant clicking could be both annoying and worrisome. Ongoing clicking could be a sign of an issue with a component like the fan blade or electrical system. For your safety, turn off the air conditioner and call an expert HVAC service technician.


Rattling could mean twigs or other debris are clogging the system or a component like screws came loose. Another possibility is that a panel isn’t properly attached. Hold off on using your air conditioner and call for AC repairs.

While some AC noises, like brief humming and clicking, are normal to an extent, other sounds, like rattling and banging, can signal trouble. Don’t wait for your AC system to completely break down. Contact JP Brett & Sons Air Conditioning for dependable AC service in Marco Island, FL.

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